Giving a Name Necklace As a Gift

For so many years, necklaces have been around and we can see from history that giving jewelry as a gift was something every culture had been practicing all over the world. There are pictures of ancient Egyptians which show us various types of necklaces that were made by them with some of them being thin and others big and broad, proving to be a status symbol. It was discovered by archeologists that necklaces came in various shapes and designs with them being made out of different materials like gold, bones, stones and much more.

celebrities wearing name necklace

Musicians and Hollywood stars such as J.Lo, Madonna, MC Hammer and others have made wearing name necklaces more fashionable. In spite of some seeing it as a way of expressing fashion, name necklaces have their own unique history. The silver name necklace or even the gold one have been in use for some decades now which later became popular due to urban and hip hop styles in the 1980s. Although, if we look back in history, slaves who just gained freedom usually changed their names of which it gave them a new beginning and identity. Back then, it was significant to have a new name and a new identity.

When you look at a personalized necklace, there is this feel of the wearer’s personality on it. A publisher once shared that mothers would save all the pennies they could get their hands on in order to get a necklace or any jewelry for their daughters in order for them to feel important and as somebody special.

girls name necklace

Today, the personalize name necklace is one of the most common necklaces seen with them being customized and designs that have evolved over the years. There are the simple ones which just have a name written on it and there are others with charms attached. Necklaces are no longer just for adorning the throat but their length can also go as far as the bosom. The truth is that they are worn by both men and women today and almost any person of any age can wear them.

Silver necklaces have various reasons for serving as a special gift and symbolize love:

1.What’s the importance of a name? The person giving you a necklace acknowledges the fact that you are unique. Even the Bible tells us stories of how people were given and changed their names just to define that person. An example is that of Sarai which was later changed to Sarah after having a divine intervention where she was promised of not being barren any longer.

2.The unique characteristics and personality of the receiver can be displayed by a personalized necklace. You can choose from many styles which should get the attention of everyone just to know who you are. It could be elegant in gold and simple or have beads and stones studded on it to produce a dazzling effect.

3.There’s a deep sense of intimacy when a man gives a woman a personalized necklace. A man who would want to show the woman she belongs to him would give her a name necklace with the nameplate necklace showing the love and affection of the person.

4.This jewelry can be given any time and can serve as a good gift for anniversaries, birthdays and more.

Custom Name Necklaces
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